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Charity Fleetcare Gives Back During the Pandemic

If this current situation has taught us anything, it’s that we all need to pull together. It’s a crisis we are all vulnerable to and by collaborating and looking out for one another, we can overcome this difficult situation.

To protect our economy and our entire livelihood, we need to learn to give back.

That’s the opinion of Tony Hilton of Charity Fleetcare.

Challenging Donations

Working within the charity sector, Tony is no stranger to altruism.

Before the pandemic, Charity Fleetcare provided state-of-the-art fleet solutions for charities. Even though work is challenging for the time being, Tony is still stressing the benefits of being a good person and how we can still give back.

“When people think about donating things, they think about sending a bag of old clothes from the ‘90s to the charity shop,” says Tony. “But you can donate almost anything to charity. Books, technology, DVDs, CDs – it all helps.”

“It is a lot harder to donate, but charities still need our help, even if their high-street shops are closed”

Tony Hilton, Charity Fleetcare

“The obvious choice is money, though not everyone is in a position to donate at the moment,” Tony explains. “Another one is food – that’s always a fantastic choice because there are plenty of people out there who are struggling to make ends meet and having to go hungry.”

Tony has, thankfully, seen a lot of generosity from other companies looking to help. Through sister company Gone For Good, Tony has been spending his time organising mass donations to causes across the North West.

“If anyone is in a position where they can help, we hope they can. Organise a food drive at work, or a clothes drive. Something that can help in some way.”

Donate Your Time

“With some companies lying dormant until this all blows over, money is a precious commodity,” suggests Tony. “But there are other ways to give back.”

“With the charity sector so hard hit, it took the wind out of our sails. We didn’t have anything to do so, instead of sitting around, I thought, why not get up and do something? We’ve got a van – let’s get out there!”

“I’ve talked to so many other companies doing something similar. They offer their services for free to help businesses stuck in a tough situation. I know from personal experience how much people appreciate the thought; it’s a great feeling.”

Some organisations have adapted to the situation, taking to working from home like a duck to water. It’s these companies that Tony implores to help others.

“I’m not saying people have to sacrifice their own businesses to help, but just extend the offer and see what you can do”

Tony Hilton, Charity Fleetcare

“If enough people make the effort, we can all make it through this pandemic,” concludes Tony.

If you are a charity, in the North West, that requires logistical support, or a business owner who wants to do your part to help, please contact Tony on 07450 667881 or email him.

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