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How Tone Deaf is Your Business Communication?

The COVID-19 crisis impacts us all in different ways and to varying degrees. And none of us know exactly what other people are going through.

With this in mind, while marketing and business communication should not stop altogether, why does there need to be a shift in approach and strategy?

Strike a Balance

“There’s a way to continue with everyday operations but to do so in a way that still respects and acknowledges what we’re all going through,” says Alia Coster of content writing agency, Coster Content.

“During a time that’s proving so difficult and complex for the charity sector specifically, it’s important we’re hitting the right note with our communications and sharing relevant, valuable, and appropriate content”

Alia Coster, Coster Content

“I have received countless messages that have left a bitter taste in my mouth. People – who I’m sure meant no harm – asking how I am… then leading straight into a sales pitch as if we’re not all experiencing this massive crisis.”

How damaging could messages like this be on someone who has lost their job or isn’t sure if their business is going to survive the coming months?

“It’s about balancing the communications you need to put out there while also being respectful, empathetic, and understanding of whatever situation might be taking place on the other side of the screen,” Alia continues.

Overcoming as a Community

For the foreseeable future, Alia is looking to support other businesses to get their messaging and communications right during this difficult time.

“If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to work together to overcome this crisis as a community.”

“Whether it’s internally with staff or externally to customers, adding value and communicating effectively has never been so essential

Alia Coster, Coster Content

“That is why I’m happy to help in any way I can, giving advice, guidance, or helping to steer organisations in the right direction,” concludes Alia.

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