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Invest in creativity: Dogeatcog on how the arts helps causes

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 have thrown Britain into what’s being touted as a “cultural catastrophe”.

According to findings from Oxford Economics, more than 400,000 creative jobs could be at risk, with the UK’s creative industries set to lose £1.5 billion a week in revenue.

The impact may be devastating, but one York-based design agency is doing everything it can to keep the UK creative scene thriving. Dogeatcog, founded by Rich Corrigan, prides itself on working with local artists, from illustrators to musicians.

Painting a Picture of the Future

Beyond their collaborative efforts with a number of charities, the team at Dogeatcog are also the faces behind a new York-based festival. Drawsome brings together some of York’s finest artistic talents, showcasing exhibits from local illustrators as well as renowned artists.

The event also features live music and interactive workshops for families. Founder Rich says: “We have a rich bank of talent exhibiting every year, from up-and-coming local artists to well-established creators.

“We’re also working with signed international bands, showcasing York’s artists on the same level to demonstrate just how much talent is out there. More importantly, everyone has a great time!”

The event was founded in 2019 and raised more than £5,000 for Bowel Cancer UK, a cause very close to Rich’s heart. While the 2020’s event was online-only, it was just as successful.

Cultivating Social Responsibility

Drawsome is not the only event to benefit from local talent. In 2019, Dogeatcog co-founded York Design Week with Rebecca Carr from Kaizen Arts Agency, and Owen Turner from United by Design.

“Our view was to join the dots of creative practice in York, and start a conversation about the city, the environment, architecture, society and design – with an emphasis on play”

Rich Corrigan, Dogeatcog

The festival featured 37 events across the city and saw Dogeatcog teaming up with Snowhome UK to give away 246 acorns.

“Next year we’re all about the bees, and hope to give away a tonne of bee bombs in conjunction with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust,” says Rich.

Dogeatcog Bring it Home

While Dogeatcog’s efforts will have a greater impact on the wider community, they’re keen to contribute to York’s arts scene. The team have recently invested in the independent record studio Young Thugs, led by Jonny Hooker and Dave Greenbrown.

“We love what Dave and Jonny have created, and have invested in Young Thugs because we believe in the community aspects of the company, as well as the amazing things they are doing for York’s music scene.”

To find out more about Dogeatcog’s social responsibility projects, visit Dogeatcog or follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

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Feature Image: Rich Corrigan and Mark Winter (from left to right)