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Could You Find Shelter in Unprecedented Times?

The most crucial government advice to beat the coronavirus outbreak has been to “Stay Home” but unfortunately, not everybody has one.

In December 2019, housing charity Shelter reported that as many as 280,000 people were homeless in England – that’s equal to one in every 200 people.

Regardless of whether they are ‘sofa-surfing’ or sleeping rough, people without a place to live are vulnerable at the best of times. But in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, they need help now more than ever.

The Value of Shelter

Every year Shelter assists millions of people who are either struggling with bad housing or homelessness by offering advice, support and legal services.

In April 2020, Shelter saw a huge increase in the need for their services. They reported that 48% of the 2,091 webchats were directly linked to the impact of coronavirus.

They also reported an 18% increase in the number of calls received (compared to March) – for which more than half were related to the impact of COVID-19.

In a statement on their website, Shelter said: “For decades we have defended people’s right to a safe home, but doing this is now more important than ever. During this health crisis, ensuring that our services can continue to provide urgent support and advice remains our priority.”

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