Gone for Good

Gone for Good Delivers Positivity to the North West

In this challenging time, we need some positivity. Thankfully, the British public gives us plenty to be happy about.

For every grim daily update, there’s a nationwide applause for our NHS and carers. For each day we journey towards “the new normal” there’s someone like Colonel Tom Moore raising money for our NHS.

The same can be found in the world of business. In the North West, one company has decided to use the downtime for good.

Back in Action

“When the government announced the lockdown, many of our clients had to shut down operations,” says Tony Hilton of Gone for Good. “We work with a lot of charities, transporting donations from donors to their stores. With stores closing, we had no work coming in.”

“Instead of sitting around indefinitely, I thought, why not give back? We have the time and we have the van – what else are we going to do?”

“Even though charity shops were closed, it didn’t mean they stopped operating altogether. Those that provide essential services to the local community still needed support to help those in need”

Tony Hilton, Gone for Good

“My associate, Ron Hutton, and I offered our van and time to drive goods to these charities. So many people were thankful for our help. It has been a very rewarding experience.”

“In the week before the Easter weekend, we transported over 2,000 Easter eggs, giving them to hospices and charities who could get them in the hands of NHS workers, care home staff, key workers, and those alone receiving care at hospices.”

Bring it On

For Tony and Ron, it hass been non-stop. Every week presents a new exciting challenge and they’re always ready to take it on.

“We’ve been working with a charity called The Bread and Butter Thing a lot, mainly bringing them ingredients like onions in bulk.”

“They provide food to low-income families – those who are struggling right now. They’ve provided more than four million meals in their time and it’s great to help someone like that.”

It’s not just food, though. They have delivered Lawn Tennis Association racket sets to community centres and kids’ clubs across the North West on behalf of Street Games.

“I have to applaud Ron for all his hard work recently. For that particular job, he was out from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. delivering 783 kits. He’s even managed to rope in his teenage son to help.”

“But it’s all worth it when, at the end of the day, you can sit there and know you’ve made a difference. As long as people are impacted by COVID-19, we’ll be there to help.”

“People need our help, and I hope by putting that positivity into the world other people will be inspired too”

Tony Hilton, Gone for Good

“If you can do something, why wouldn’t you?” concludes Tony. “Even if it’s just extending a helping hand and showing someone you’re there, that’s something I can get behind.”

If you are a charity, in the North West, that requires logistical support, please reach out to Tony on 07450 667881 or email him.

Alternatively, please download the Gone for Good app from your relevant app store.

The app lets you donate your unwanted goods to a charity who needs them. They will collect from you and take it to the charity on your behalf.

Doing good has never been simpler.

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