Laura Corrigan and Rich Corrigan

Laura Corrigan Leaves a Legacy for her Social Impact Efforts

A devastating loss has led one York-based designer to raise awareness of a crucial cause. Rich Corrigan, founder of design agency Dogeatcog, tragically lost his sister to bowel cancer in June 2020.

While the condition is far more common in adults over the age of 50, it came far sooner for Laura Corrigan. She was diagnosed at just 34 years old, and now, her brother Rich is keen to carry on her legacy.

“When Laura fell ill, she struggled to get a diagnosis and the required tests. Professionals told her she was too young to have bowel cancer”

Rich Corrigan, Dogeatcog

Following Laura’s passing, Rich is now keen to promote Bowel Cancer UK’s Never Too Young initiative.

The campaign aims to change guidance on referrals for GPs and healthcare professionals.

Honouring Laura Through Drawsome

One such way for Rich to remember his sister is to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

In 2019, while Laura was still fighting her battle, he founded the York-based Drawsome Festival. Featuring artistic talent from illustrators, musicians and more, the festival raised more than £5,000 for Bowel Cancer UK.

Laura Corrigan

The 2020 event will take place online due to the effects of COVID-19, but Rich insists it will be no different.

“We’ve got some great activities planned digitally. We’ve teamed up with Practically Creative to launch a collaborative drawing app, and we’re releasing a series of specially recorded Drawsome isolation sessions.”

Looking Back

While Drawsome and other charity efforts raise key funds for Bowel Cancer UK, Rich is keen to emphasise the work that Laura did while she was still with us. In particular, she was a keen conservationist, and had a role with the Environment Agency caring for the North East coast.

“Her research during her doctorate carried on into her working life,” says Rich. “She has helped to created lasting change in the way that species are monitored in large bodies of water.

“Laura’s work involved using DNA sampling as a less invasive method of tracking and tracing. This has even propelled other initiatives forward, like the SeaDNA project”

Rich Corrigan, Dogeatcog

The project aims to help scientists learn more about marine animals without relying on potentially harmful ‘grabs and nets’ methods.

Laura was extensively involved in beach clean-up projects, and was passionate about conserving the local wildlife.

A Lasting Legacy

Rich continues to honour Laura through events such as Drawsome which contributes considerable funds to good causes.

“While nothing can replace Laura, it brings us all comfort that the work she did will carry on giving so much back to the world,” Rich concludes.

To discover more about Bowel Cancer UK’s Never Too Young campaign, please click here.

Alternatively, to donate to Bowel Cancer UK, please click here or via the button below.