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Legmark Highlights the Need to Give to Stop Injustice

When it comes to choosing a charity to sponsor, every corporate has a different motivation. Perhaps the cause is particularly close to the director’s heart, or helps out in the local community.

For Sam Borrett, Managing Director of legal marketing firm Legmark, it’s all about preventing injustice. “We work with multiple charities, either through cash donations or pro bono marketing support,” says Sam.

The team at Legmark regularly review their CSR activity, and try to explore options to help as many causes as possible.

Helping Vulnerable People

“Our motivations for supporting causes come from a need to prevent injustice or suffering for people and animals,” Sam continues.

This has led Legmark to support:

“These charities help to support persecuted Christians,” explains Sam.

“Not many people know that Christians actually experience the most widespread religious harassment, more than any other religion in the world.”

“Legmark’s donations to the Barnabas Fund help to fund the charity’s key work in supporting women and children”

Sam Borrett, Legmark

Meanwhile, the Lighthouse Christian Centre, a Pentecostal church in Salford, helps to support people in Manchester, Romania, India and Africa.

“We also support Christians Against Poverty, who have noted increasing demand over the last decade of austerity.”

Causes Large and Small

In addition to helping people, Legmark works with animal charities, such as PETA, who campaign against the unethical treatment of animals.

“PETA is of course a pretty ardent activist group, but we also work with smaller causes. For example, Rain Rescue is a very small dog and cat rescue centre in South Yorkshire. They always appreciate support from generous animal lovers!”

On a global scale, Legmark works with Climate Stewards through a client connection.

“They have a great carbon offsetting scheme and also help communities in Africa, Asia and Central America, giving them vital access to water, tree planting and conservation.”

Giving Back

While Legmark prefer to offer cash donations rather than run events, they’re always keen to give more.

“It is so rewarding that the more we grow, the more we can give back to communities”

Sam Borrett, Legmark

Sam’s philanthropic background comes from running a creative arts and social conscience magazine. This helped to put him in touch with many causes and raise awareness of key issues.

“We will continue to support the charities we’ve helped so far, and will always be open to other opportunities,” concludes Sam.

Social Impact Magazine thanks Sam Borrett for his contribution.

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