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Where is the Value of Online Communication for Charities?

Charity organisations, just like any other business, rely on spreading awareness and generating interest in a brand. If you want to receive more donations, attract more volunteers, and generate support from your local community, it’s essential you get your name out there.

Why does online communication prove so important for growing your charity?

Expanding Your Network

“There’s only so much you can achieve in person or in store,” says David Lomas, CEO at M3 Media Group and Chairman of our Social Impact 1000 Initiative.

“As we are increasingly seeing charities use the digital space more effectively, online content can be a powerful tool to share their message”.

“I think, more so than other businesses and industries, the charity sector has been relatively slow to adopt a more modern and technologically advanced approach,”

“The online sphere – whether that’s LinkedIn, social media, or a charity’s own website – is a tremendous opportunity to spread awareness of your cause and encourage conversation about what you do and how people can support you”

David Lomas, M3 Media Group

“Like a lot of other examples, business is about who you know just as much as what you know. With a varied and valuable network of connections behind you, you can open more doors and achieve even greater things.”

“Let’s take LinkedIn, for example. You can connect with a huge amount of like-minded individuals who you might otherwise never encounter.”

“If you’re publishing valuable and relevant content in a credible place and reaching out to people in an authentic way, you can easily raise awareness of your organisation.”

Keep on Moving

It’s no secret that the charity sector has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 crisis. For many organisations, they’ve had to close shops, lose volunteers, and donations and fundraising have dried up.

We also spoke with Francoise Faye, Head of Communication at Social Impact who commented: “Just because you may be shut, it does not mean you have to stop entirely,”

“You might not be able to collect new donations or open your retail stores, but you can still spread the word about what you do and keep people interested in what your charity offers”

Francoise Faye, Head of Communications. Social Impact 1000 Initiative

“It is never too early for charities to start planning, and building a valuable network, as they and their communities adjust to the new normal,” concludes Alia.

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