Business Aspects Magazine

Business Aspects Magazine examines and talks about important business issues covering a wide range of sectors across the UK, shining a light on professional expertise and opinion.

This magazine reaches a targeted audience of business directors and owners.

Export Experts Magazine

Export Experts looks at news and issues concerned with international trade and exporting. It includes features, interviews and commentary covering key aspects of global commerce.

It is the perfect channel for exploring these topics and the businesses connected with them.

HR Aspects Magazine

HR Aspects covers the varied facets of people management and human resources. It highlights issues around development, leadership, recruitment, strategy and legislation.

The magazine has a targeted audience of directors, business owners, managers and HR directors.

Manufacturing Matters Magazine

Manufacturing Matters champions and highlights manufacturers in the United Kingdom and the many industries connected to them. It looks at the key stories about this sector and explores the issues affecting it.

The magazine reaches an audience of professionals and businesses supporting and working in the manufacturing sector.

Marketing Aspects Magazine

Marketing Aspects draws on expertise from across the broad and dynamic marketing sector. It explores different marketing disciplines and their ties with the wider world of commerce and communications.

It has a varied audience of industry professionals plus business owners looking to expand their understanding of marketing.

Property Aspects Magazine

Property Aspects shines a light on a broad variety of issues and stories related to the built environment, including property, construction, architecture, design and the environment in the UK.

It has a dedicated audience of business owners and directors, professionals and interested parties working in the property and construction sectors.