Louise Wright supports Breast Cancer Haven

Run For Your Life: Why Punch Creative Supports Breast Cancer Haven

In 2017, Louise Wright received some life-changing news. What ensued was a painstaking recovery from breast cancer, which she says she couldn’t have done without the Breast Cancer Haven.

The national charity provides emotional and physical support for those undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. Louise, Commercial Director at Punch Creative, describes the Leeds centre as a “lifeline”.

“It really is a haven. It’s got a warm, welcoming team and amazing therapists, who are there to listen when nobody else truly understands what you’re going through.”

Giving Something Back

Since joining Punch Creative in April 2019, Louise says she’s been in a much better position to give back.

“We also donate to local food banks and give St George’s Crypt a sum every Christmas. Now, I am able to give back in terms of both my time on the development board and from Punch’s perspective.”

The creative digital agency provides pro bono marketing support to Breast Cancer Haven, while also promoting their events and services on social media.

Breaking a Sweat

Of course, as a lively creative team, Punch also gets involved with fundraising events.

“The Punch Bunch supported an event in 2019 called ‘Jog on Cancer’, where we raised more than £4,300″

Louise Wright, Punch Creative

“Though the Leeds 10K was cancelled this year, we ran last year and raised more than £500,” Louise continues.

“In 2020 we participated in the 2.6 Challenge. Every day our team had to run 2.6 miles, or do 26 push-ups, squat jumps or sit-ups. We love getting active and managed to raise more than £700!”

Punch also took part in a ‘Bake Off’ challenge and run several bake sales throughout the year.

The Importance of Giving

For Louise, there is of course the emotional connection to the charity, but she also believes in team spirit.

“We are very lucky to have such a creative team, who are always coming up with new ideas.”

“It is so important that we make time as a team to support local charities”

Louise Wright, Punch Creative

“Initiatives like the 2.6 Challenge are so vital for the not-for-profit sector now,” advises Louise. “Charities like the haven really rely on large events for fundraising.”

Punch Creative is already planning on signing up for the Leeds 10K 2021, due to take place in July.

When it comes to the value of giving something back, the proof is in the pudding.

Matt Jameson, Fundraising Manager, says, “The support we receive from Punch Creative is invaluable, not only providing expert design work for our fundraising activities but also organising their own events.”

“Without the incredible relationship we have with Punch, we wouldn’t be able to be there for people living with breast cancer right now”

Matt Jameson, Breast Cancer Haven

To discover more about Breast Cancer Haven, or to support them, please call 0300 012 0112 or visit breastcancerhaven.org.uk.

Alternatively, please click here to make a donation to Breast Cancer Haven, or via the button below.

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