Emma Freivogel Radical Recruit

Radical Recruit Seeks Homeless Recruitment Initiative Partners

Radical Recruit, a CIC social recruitment agency, is working alongside homelessness charity St Mungo’s to pilot a recruitment project to find up to 100 work-ready individuals permanent employment in less than 100 days.

The agency, founded by Emma Freivogel, has supported over 60 people into employment since its launch in October 2019 and has placed 40 of these individuals since lockdown commenced in March 2020.

They are looking for ethical and socially-responsible employers to help them expand their reach and support what they are calling the Radical Futures project.

About Radical Futures

Radical Futures is a three-month project working with those who have no recourse to public funds and need employment as the first step to rebuilding a secure and stable life. Whilst the Radical Futures project is focussed on London, the wider employment initiatives that Radical Recruit does aims to make a positive social impact throughout the country.

“We want to change negative misconceptions of people who experience homelessness and ensure everyone has the opportunity to secure and sustain paid and meaningful employment,” says co-founder and CEO, Emma Freivogel.

“No-one wants to be wrongly perceived as being antisocial or lacking the skills required to work especially when they are a highly motivated individual that possesses valuable skills that are in demand by employers,” Emma continues. “It is bad for business and detrimental to the UK economy.’’

Our candidates, or Radicals, as we call them, are full of determination, resilience and grit and we want to ensure they have access to the labour market and are given opportunities to become contributing and valued members of society”

Emma Freivogel, Radical Recruit

Partner Opportunities

“We want to partner with businesses who can offer employment opportunities to individuals across a range of sectors including catering, construction, manufacturing, administration, finance, warehousing, retail, hospitality and hygiene services,” explains Emma.

“We need forward-thinking, ethical businesses who can see people’s potential and focus simply on the benefits to the employer and employee.”

For the Radical Futures project, we are willing to offer a no-fee commercial engagement model.’’ 

About Radical Recruit

Radical Recruit approaches recruitment like their mainstream counterparts in the sense that their candidates are invited to interview on the merit of their applications and offered the job because they are the best person at the end of the race.

Their candidates also go through the same vetting process as every other employee.

The key difference between Radical and other agencies is the pre- and post-placement support they offer candidates who have huge potential and often, extensive work histories but have fallen on hard times

Emma Freivogel, Radical Recruit

Lindsay Healy, Founding Partner of Aria Grace Law and client of Radical Recruit said, “We were lucky enough to be in a position where we could offer employment to a Radical who really needed it, and I am delighted to say that both they and we are benefitting – perhaps us more so because not only did we get a great skillset but also someone who provides alternative ideas and perspectives to a corporate law firm. 

“In general, by securing permanent work, vulnerable people can start to rebuild their lives. This includes being able to afford safe and permanent accommodation.”

“Radical Futures is a really unique opportunity for business leaders to take part in an innovative project which tackles homelessness at its root“

Lindsay Healy, Aria Grace Law

“We will continue to work with Radical Recruit and would strongly urge other employers to consider joining their recruitment revolution – to us, it makes business sense and for society, it is the right thing to do.”

“Funding for the Radical Futures won’t carry on forever,” concludes Emma. “Radical Recruit will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to sustain the work we are doing as well being able to reach even more people.”

Email hello@radicalrecruit.co.uk to see how you can be involved.

About St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s has been at the forefront of efforts to tackle homelessness for over 50 years. 

In addition to providing housing and support for people on the street, they work to prevent homelessness and support people at every step of their recovery from homelessness.

Last year, the charity supported more than 30,000 people through a range of emergency, housing, health and education, training and employment services.