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Can You Make A Difference When Remote Working?

For organisations all over the globe, many of us have been forced into remote working, whether we like it or not.

While some organisations already embraced remote working to varying degrees, for many, it has been a significant change and a huge disruption to daily operations.

Despite this, it isn’t without its silver lining. For all the bad the situation has caused, there are still positives to be found.

Silver Linings

Social value and sustainability reporting platform, Impact Reporting, have created an easy-to-use calculator that allows you to explore the positive impacts you’re having simply by working at home.

“The impact of the lockdown isn’t just on the economy, it’s on people too,” says Matt Haworth, Founder of Impact Reporting. “This calculator helps start a conversation about how a sudden shift to working from home has an impact – both good and bad.”

“It’s important for companies to consider these impacts as it the right thing to do.”

“Companies that communicate the good things they’re doing in this crisis, stand to benefit from increased customer loyalty, especially when things return to normal”

Matt Howarth, Impact Reporting

Ian Jukes, Head of Strategy at Impact Reporting, added: “During national – let alone global – events, your head can play two tricks on you.”

“Firstly, as numbers spiral upwards, you might struggle to grasp the true scale of the problem. Thousands blend into millions which blend into billions, and we lack the cognitive appreciation of the exponential nature of these figures.”

“Secondly, we can be guilty of forgetting the role that we as individuals have to play because we feel like drops in an ocean.”

“By making this Calculator available, we hope to solve both of these problems.”

“We want to show the massive impact that individual actions – and organisational policy – can have on a global issue such as COVID-19, and encourage better practice and celebrate the great work that companies are doing, in real terms”

Ian Jukes, Impact Reporting

Positive Impacts

Impact’s calculator highlights the environmental, social, and health benefits the stay at home measures are encouraging. It is split into three different sections:

  1. Avoiding the commute
  2. Working from home
  3. The epidemic impact

“Just because you’re going to be operating remotely for the foreseeable future, doesn’t mean your positive impact needs to stop,” continues Matt.

“When operating remotely, you entirely remove the need for any member of your staff to undertake their morning and afternoon commutes. Not only does this save your employees time and money, but it also has a great environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.”

“There’s also the fact that working from home can actually improve productivity in some instances. If they’re avoiding packed trains or stressful morning traffic, your staff are likely to be in better spirits and more motivated to get through their workload.”

“The extra agency of controlling your own days can also add motivation to work harder and achieve more.”

“Finally, and arguably the most important, we included the epidemic impact of remote working. By following government guidelines and reducing any time spent outside the home, your organisation is preventing COVID-19 cases and saving lives.”

“We think it’s important to share the positive impacts of remote working to bring some positivity to people going through this right now,” concludes Matt. “Hopefully, post-crisis, this will get people thinking about what they can do to be better in the long-term as remote working can be a wonderful way to reduce some negative impacts.”

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Alternatively, you can explore Impact Reporting’s calculator here, or via the button below.

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