Social Impact

Has Your Business Discovered the Real Value of Creating a Social Impact?

Now more than ever, our relationships are our most important asset.

In 2020, people spent their money at local businesses, delivered food packages to their vulnerable neighbours, and reached out to loved ones who were struggling to cope.

While each small act of kindness may seem trivial, when combined on a global scale they create an enormous impact.

Amazing things happen when communities come together. But of the 166,000 charities in the UK, many are struggling to stay afloat and 25% of them are likely to collapse if we don’t act now.

The Social Impact Initiative aims to help 1000 of these charities and charitable organisations by promoting them on both a local and national level, raising awareness of the work they are doing and helping in generating much-needed funds.

Our Charity Matching Programme

By partnering with Social Impact 1000, you elevate the platforms of charities desperately in need of support, while showing consumers you are invested in those values they hold closest to them.

We will find and match your business with one of our charitable organisations

Doing good makes us all feel good. But beyond that, doing good shows consumers that the choices they make with their money have the power to create real change in the world. And it’s no secret that customers are more inclined to spend money when a business aligns with their own values.

Our unique model at Social Impact 1000 means you’ll see the direct impact of your charity support, and share in their successes too.

The benefits that a business and their workforce can gain from the simplest involvement with supporting a cause or charity can be unexpectedly rewarding in so many ways

In the workplace, doing good as a business connects employees on a shared mission, boosts morale, and nurtures coworker relationships.

A strong team is the foundation of a resilient business, providing stability and security in difficult times.

How Your Business Can Benefit

When you partner with Social Impact 1000, you join a network of handpicked businesses, and marketing experts who are each committed to helping your business thrive in this new world.

By fostering mutually beneficial relationships, Social Impact 1000 enables you to connect with new markets, identify business opportunities, and showcase your brilliant business

Social Impact Magazine provides space to share stories, celebrate wins, and consolidate your thought leadership-status.

Membership of our Charitable Partner Programme means you’ll have an entire suite of marketing support – from business strategy and CSR-learning opportunities to exclusive networking events.

Find out how your business can stand out and grow by joining our Community Programme.

Giving is the New Marketing

By joining a community built on establishing valuable long-term relationships and supporting growth, means there’ll always be a new business opportunity on the horizon, too.

The shock of 2020 has instilled a sense of camaraderie within our communities. People are looking for ways to show care and support for others because we all understand the difference a small act of kindness can make during challenging times.

Now more than ever, your customers are looking to see which businesses reflect this new model of thinking. Make sure yours is one of them.

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