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Supporting and collaborating with fellow independent local businesses is a priority

Supporting and collaborating with fellow independent local businesses is a priority for the people at The Lake District Umbrella Company.

We don’t have to tell you that they’re huge proponents of the Lake District, its weather, landscapes, people and industries, and they are passionate about preserving these unique industries for generations to come. One small business that they are thrilled to be working with is the amazing, Coniston Stonecraft.

Brendan Donnelly, owner of the company, is of the opinion that he works in the prettiest place in Britain, and believe us when we say he’s not exaggerating!
Coniston Stonecraft is based on the slopes of “Coniston Old Man”, one of the most popular and picturesque walking locations in the Lake District National Park. This extraordinary business has been trading for forty years, but Brendan came on board with The Lake District Umbrella Company last year, and he is very passionate indeed.

One of his goals is to make Coniston Stonecraft as environmentally friendly as possible, a goal shared by The Lake District Umbrella Company. Coniston Stonecraft has an impressively small carbon footprint. Their HQ is powered by Church Beck and a hydro electric station. Water from the same beck is also used to cool down machinery, rather than oil.
They use recycled cardboard for packaging, along with recycled cloth (to protect products in transit) that is taken from old swatch books – what a great idea!

Quarrying and slate masonry are longstanding industries in the Lake District, and Brendan is keen to “keep the skills on the hills” and preserve this historical and uniquely Lake District practice. All the slate is quarried within no more than twelve miles, and includes Brathay Blue Grey and Westmorland Green and is used to create all sorts of beautiful items, such as clocks, nameplates, coasters and placemats, candle holders and so on.


Collaborative Designs and Products

They create many bespoke pieces, and recently collaborated on some ‘Umbrella-themed’ products.

The Rain Catcher, is a simple yet clever design that will hold your sodden umbrella after use and prevent pesky raindrops from ruining your floors and causing slips. This piece is made by hand to order in a choice of Westmorland Green or Brathay Blue Grey slates, Baycliff Creamy limestone.

Beautiful Slate Umbrella Stands really showcase the natural beauty of Cumbrian slate, and look incredibly stylish in any hallway. The small sizes are available in both Brathay Blue Grey and Westmorland Green, and the large in Westmorland Green. Both are handcrafted to order at Coniston Stonecraft’s workshops.

What makes these pieces even more special is that no two are the same. Each Rain Catcher and Umbrella Stand will have individual characteristics and exude Lake District pride and character. By bringing a little touch of this incredible area into your home environment, you will be supporting two passionate Lake District businesses, and helping keep the skills on the hills.

We suggest you have a closer look at these slate Rain Catchers and Umbrella Stands, and why not pop into Coniston Stonecraft next time you’re hiking up The Old Man of Coniston and experience this wonderful business and industry for yourself?Great things happen when passionate independent businesses collaborate, and we’re so pleased for Coniston Stonecraft.

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