How will you join our community?

Business Sponsors

There is a growing expectation and demand that companies demonstrate a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and make a positive impact, beyond economics.

With our Initiative providing businesses with a new, measurable form of CSR, we add value by raising awareness of your organisation, brand and CSR credentials, whilst engaging you with our unique ‘giving’ community.

Charity Partners

In order to reverse the impact of Covid-19 upon charity funding in the UK, part of our aim is to raise awareness of causes and encourage more online donations for our charitable partners.

Imagine being part of our new, influential ‘Digital Giving Community’ and benefitting from our ongoing and sustainable fundraising & marketing support.

Community Supporters

Philanthropically-minded individuals and businesses are a bedrock of this Initiative. We can channel their passion for particular causes, charities or charitable organisations  into many positive areas.

By invitation, could you become a supporter, volunteer or ambassador for the Social Impact Initiative?

Social Media Advocates

A key aspect to the growth of the Social Impact 1000 Initiative is the strategic support we can gain from volunteer partners in the creative, social media and marketing sectors.

We are looking to work with a number of social media experts and marketers to help us on a voluntary basis, to raise the profile of the charities we are helping and the sponsors and Patrons that support them.

Any support that you give us will improve awareness of your talents within our community, whilst also endorsing your own CSR credentials.

Make giving your new marketing